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Good day,
I am curious about just when in the process of making sourdough breads/goodies, that it is okay to introduce metal to formula.

It is my understanding that at no time ever ever ever do you allow your starter to come into contact with metal, and  mine has not tasted metal.

None of the breads that I have made ever touched metal in any way, until cooling down on a rack.

But sometimes I do not have the time to stand and knead dough for 30 + minutes. So I would like to perhaps use my kenwood mixer with the dough hook. That is metal though.  Searching this board - there is talk about mixers of various types.

But I guess what does metal do to sourdough, and when is it okay to use metal "tools"?


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celia 2008 April 13

... I mix all my doughs, both sourdough and yeasted, in stainless steel mixing bowls.  Never had any "metal" taste in any of my loaves.  I'll also occasionally bake loaves in metal loaf tins.  I store my starters in plastic containers in the fridge, but when I feed them, I whisk in flour and water with a stainless steel whisk.

Cheers, Celia
PaddyL 2008 April 13
I gather that it's okay to use stainless steel for mixing and measuring and baking; I actually bake my bread in aluminum pans for the most part and have never had problems, and I mix my sourdough in a stainless steel bowl.  The problem comes if you keep your starter in a metal container, as the acid in the starter might conflict with the metal in the container.  I'm not up on the proper terminology, obviously, but the starter lives in its container and spends a fair amount of time there.  I keep my starter in a 2-litre plastic ice cream container with a tight-fitting lid.
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TeckPoh 2008 April 13
 but have come to realise that it's not true at all. Only applies to long-term contact with reactive metals. Now I mix my starter with a metal spoon ALL the time. And ferment in a stainless steel bowl. Don't notice anything wrong with my breads. Only thing is my starters are kept and refreshed in glass jars.

kilroy 2008 April 14
Thank you all very much for your replies. I am sure this will make my life a little easier.


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