Tacos from the leftover Turkey!

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Having had enough of leftovers, we changed courses and made tacos! My brother whipped up some pico de gallo and guacamole and I crisped up the turkey, heated the tacos on the old cast iron pan and voila!


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SourYumMum 2006 December 1

I'm with you, TP!

That's looks fabulous, J! My weakness isn't actually sweet stuff - as much as I love good chocolate thingos - it's savoury stuff that floats my boat!

Hey, will your brother share his guacamole recipe?

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Jeremy 2006 December 1

right after the loaf, look mate or should I help? Your talking about the walnut, raisin, and cranberry right Mick? Or the taco?

Tasty loaf my Neice who is staying with us is hacking at it like a squirrel chewing on nuts! Gonna try another loaf for the weekend!

Cheers, Jerome!

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TeckPoh 2006 December 1

Your talking about the walnut, raisin, and cranberry right Mick? Or the taco?

The taco, the taco.

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Jeremy 2006 December 1

Cnat help you with that TP finished the little buggers and they have no crumb! Bloody delicious though with whatever you stuff them with!

Hasta La vista amiga!

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bethesdabakers 2006 December 2

It's no good, Jeremy. My jokes are wasted on you.

Did you make the tortillas?

I might to a thread on tortillas now I'm a free man and before I get back to sourdough.


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Jeremy 2006 December 2

Nope bought locally, so many tortilla factories, why bother although I made home made at work and home! I prefer the corn tortilla to flour, flour our northern Mexican or Texan!

Wow your free, staying put in Bethesda? Or France? Lord the way the dollar is dumping I am ready to go to Europe to live too!


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