I think I had under estimated the temperature here; it doesn't seem hot (still in high 20s though), but the starter actually split. I tried to rescue it, and came up with edible bread.


Have tried to create a starter ball, but thought to have a go at taking some of it and trying to develop a better starter. Does that seem reasonable??

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farinam 2015 August 18

Hello Ivan,

You don't indicate what sort of time frame you are talking about but high 20's shouldn't be too much of a problem though obviously things will happen faster than at the low 20's.

When a culture has consumed all of the accessible food the yeasts and bacteria go into a state of dormancy and over time, the gluten, which gives the batter some structure and strength, breaks down completely and allows the gas to escape and the solids and liquid to separate into layers in the container.  The liquid is called 'hooch' because it does contain a quantity of alcohol.  Not very drinkable I would hazard a guess.

Some people suggest pouring it off whilst others merely stir it back in.  By and large though, the yeasts and bacteria are still there in their dormant state and, given a new supply of food should readily spring back to life and the new supply of gluten will give the culture back its strength to prevent separation of solids (unless, of course, the whole cycle is allowed to run its course).

So, I would say, give it a stir, chuck some away and give it a feed of flour and water and all should be hunky dory.

Good luck with your projects.


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