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 So, what's your starter's pet name?


Mine is Tabetha (daughter of Bessie)

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nycgirl79 2011 August 25

 I love my starters, they are my boys, like children, I talk to them  and I'm proud of them. I miss them when I away. But I have never wanted to give them names.


Wheat:                                                                         Rye:


Sharona 2011 August 26

I have two going at present - one by Brett Noy hence the name "Brett" (the rye one and a bit slower than the white wheat) and the other one by the Bourke Street Bakery hence the name "Bourke". Bourke is doing extremely well and doubling in size overnight - he has a voracious appetite! They were both started only a week ago.


sourdoughmama 2011 August 28

When he was young, I forgot  to feed him one night.  He revolted and grew  so much he was out of the bowl and all over the pantry.  Reminded me if the American movie The Gremlins.   That's when I knew he was ready to rise bread and stop making brick like loaves.  I learned to keep him on the counter where I won't forget, although recently I did it again (I am a busy mom of a 14 month old).  What happened is that it went from a great riser of dough with good flavor to a starter that now has unique sourness, but not over the top.  I love him even more...I hope he doesn't get too angry at me again, though. I vow to be a better mommy.

Sharona 2011 August 28

Love your post re forgotten culture! My 7 day old one was jumping out of the bowl, so I decided to make my 1st ever loaf with most of it (held back 50gr to start another). There was enough dough after proofing the first time to make 3 loaves! After baking, I am so proud of my self, and although there is not a lot of strong flavours YET, they are so good. It certainly saves throwing out all that excess culture.

snuffpuppet 2011 September 1

Hey this is great,

I'm so impressed that you guys put so much thought into your pet names. One night while refreshing I just knew that I was feeding Tabetha. Kramster, that's a pretty funny video. Thanks for Shirley(ing)

cross1242 2011 September 4

I had one starter that I called "Igor."  But, I concluded that Igor wasn't very strong.  Then I maid my own from what I caught in my back yard.  It worked long and hard.  So, it's called "Zeus."

enderwiggen 2011 September 19

 I have five different starters (two of which are twins but in separate containers). I don't have individual names for them but I do call them my 'yeasty beasties.' They're my pets and they occupy different corners of my kitchen. 



wildcrust 2011 September 20

 My is called Bruce, a strong Aussie and Barry was his rye brother but now Barry is long gone, Bruce can do it all, need to name my spelt starter, any suggestions?

gjpelkey 2012 March 17

 Our starter is affectionately titled "Goobs!", started by my wife. 100% hydration bread and wheat flour .

CayoKath 2012 April 2

I love my starter.  She's a simple little all-purpose girl, but hard working!  She's two and a half years old.   

pablo-y-margarita 2016 June 24
We've named ours Homer, as it should produce many Dohs!
Lippy 2016 December 13

Shotgun - on warm days he sits activating on the front seat of my car riding shotgun.

Jeff Rogers 2018 July 18

What about "Chris Leavens (Evans)" OR "Rise-a(Liza) Minnelli"???

Timothy J Dyer 2021 March 17
My first, was going strong at 9 months before we moved interstate, was called Fidough (like Fido the cliche dog name) Nearly 2 weeks into the life of a new starter called Dough Pesci (Joe Pesci - one of "the sticky bandits" from home alone) and I've already got one semi decent loaf out of him.

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