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Hello fellow bakers. Can anyone tell me what to use to prove rolls  to keep their shape? I have bannetons for full sized loaves and baguette trays but want to make rolls. Not sure what to use to bearing in mind they have to be turned out to bake. Any suggestions?

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farinam 2015 January 28

Hello Barmy,

If you wanted to containerise them you might be able to pick up small cane baskets at a homewares or $2 shop and line them with small squares of linen.  However, I usually just shape them and put them on an oven tray to prove or on baking paper if I particularly want to bake them on the stone.

Good luck with your projects.


Barmy 2015 January 28

Thanks for that advice farinam. I will look out for the small baskets and get some couche cloths.

Bikeshed 2016 December 20

Late reply but this is what I do.

  1. lay out a tea towel and sprinkle with corn flour
  2. place a thick book (1" thick) under it at one end
  3. lay 2 rolls on top of the cloth up against the spine of the book (end to end with a space between them)
  4. lift cloth up beside the rolls (similar to baguette tray) so that there is cloth between each row of rolls.
  5. continue until all the rolls are in place
  6. place another book under the other end and push until the rolls are held in position
  7. cover with another cloth.

To get them onto the tray I will flour my hands and try to roll each one off the cloth into my hand and then roll it onto the tray. It is a bit hit and miss sometimes but it just makes them look a bit more rustic and homemade!

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