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 I am sure others have had this same problem and I want to share my solution.


I usually bake a large loaf which I eat a slice or two at a time, over two or three days. During this period the bread tends to dry out; or if I wrap it, the crust goes soft.


The other day my wife found some "Stretch to Fit Food Covers" at the supermarket. They are exactly like the shower caps one finds in hotel bathrooms made of a clear plastic wrap with  elastic  around the edge to fit over the head like a cap. Fit one just over the cut end of the loaf and your bread stays nice and fresh and crusty.

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panfresca 2011 May 5

...Or you can just stand the loaf on its end on the bread board, which does a similar thing.

eyendall 2011 May 6

 Yes, you can just stand the loaf on its cut side. I have done this with reasonable success. My current bread-board though has slats through which fall the bread crumbs into the base, thus no seal. Another technique was required to keep my bread from drying out.

eyendall 2011 May 8

 Not sure I understand your question.  All but the cut end, which I cover with the shower cap, is open to the air. 

slepax 2011 May 9

The question was more for Kymh about the stand-up loaf. If the cut end is laid on the board, does the rest of the bread stay exposed on the bench?

panfresca 2011 May 9

 Hi Slepax

The cut end remains moist and fresh, the crust remains reasonably crisp.

But really, the only way to enjoy perfectly fresh bread all the time is to eat it all on the day it's baked! 

If I can be bothered and there's much of a loaf left from the day before, I might put it in the oven for 10 minutes which brings it back almost to fresh. Or toast it.


andrewd 2011 May 5

The shower cap idea is good but I too enjoy the standing loaf. 

It's very Zen.

It's also a slippery slope leading to the lost art of Toast Leaning.



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