Sekowa Backferment


 Has anyone had experience of working with the Sekowa Backferment?

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albuck99 2011 November 23

As I understand it, Sekowa backferment is similar to sourdough, but relies on the spontaneous fermentation of honey with milled grain for a starter. The organisms that honey provides will dominate the more usual lactobacillae for a less sour taste, better digestibility and the possibility of a purely gluten-free loaf.

CaperAsh 2011 November 25

I experimented with a gluten free loaf a few weeks back (barley & quinoa flakes) and substituted my usual sourdough starter with about 1/4 tsp sekowa backferment (the gluten-free one, they also have one for wheat loaves) and my usual 18+ hour method.


What came out was a bit strange but clearly it was nicely fermented with a slightly slour flavour, a very rubbery/translucent crumb and so on. Frankly, I was surprised at how good it was having never baked anything like it and just guestimating the hydration levels...


There are entire bakeries built around using Sekowa backferment which is based on Steiner's work and it is regarded by many as a very high quality thing.


I suspect one has to be very careful with amount, timing, temperature, just as with any leavening agent.



Anderas Schad 2020 September 9

indirectly yes

really baker Hugo Erbe developed it from indications by Rudolf Steiner using honey, salt and pea flour untill of course his bakery in Ulm was raised by the Allies...

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