sambal ikan bilis

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That looked so nice on that rye bread!!
Can we have the recipe please?

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carla 2006 August 12

Looks like this is the recipe I make tomorrow for the fresh loaf of bread that is sitting in the fridge. Have only anchovies in oil, so will have to adapt it a little.
Many thanks for posting it TP

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carla 2006 August 16

It went beautifully TP and was eaten before I could make a photo of it.
However I am not sure if it had much to do with your original recipe...

I used:
1 small jar of salted anchovies in oil,
2 red onions (which are milder than the huge yellow ones),
3 tbsp chilli powder,
5 cloves garlic,
1 tsp sugar,
4 tbsp lime juice (and a bit of zest too),
and no belacan (as I didn't have any).

I sauteed the onions in the anchovy oil. Then added the chilli powder, chopped garlic and sugar and simmered for a bit. Then the lime juice and zest and after one more minute filled it ino a nice small jar.

However by evening the jar (and bread) were empty and gone.

Very nice!

Thought to try next time with a bit of ginger and maybe one tree tomato in it as well to give it more "body". Might be a good one too. Will report back!

The question of "how long will it keep"? is redundant I think

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TeckPoh 2006 August 16

Real cooks only use recipes as a guide! Yours sound delish! Yes, the addition of the ginger and tomato would be fantastic, and I noticed you added garlic too, however, it won't be recognised as the sambal we know.

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TeckPoh 2006 August 6

As a matter of fact, I just made this again to serve with bread today. may have to tweak some ingredients according to your taste. These are sort of 'thrown together' or what we term as 'agak-agak' in Malay, the general intuitive a pinch here and there method.

100g ikan bilis (dried white bait, anchovies) These come salted. So give it a few washes, drain, spread out and dry in 130 deg C oven for half an hour.
3 tbsp oil
1 Bombay onion, sliced (thin or thick up to you)
3 tbsp chilli paste (or 8 dried chillies, seeded and soaked until soft, then pounded)

5 shallots
2 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp belacan (optional: you take this stuff?)

1 tsp sugar or to taste
4 tbsp tamarind juice (made from tamarind skin or paste)
Note that there's no salt because the salt in the ikan bilis is sufficient even after a few washes.

Fry ikan bilis in oil till golden and crisp. Fish out. Saute the onions. Add the chilli paste and pounded ingredients, fry till the gravy thickens and breaks oil. Aaaaah choooo! Add sugar and tamarind juice, simmer for a while. Add the ikan bilis and cook for a couple of minutes.

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TJ 2006 August 7

At what point do you fillet the fish?

"inspector Parrot ate one of those. We insist in future that the label clearly reads. WARNING contains real, Un-boned, dead Fish"


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