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Hi there,

I beleive there is a great bread text, called "Bread". Can anyone tell me the author?
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luckyissy 2008 December 9
If I had to buy only one book which one would you recommended me?  I have a book on bread from Peter Reinhart (bread and crumbs but he doest take much about SD).

Thanks in advance

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Millciti 2008 December 9
Hi Isabelle,

It's kind of hard to tell what kind of book would be best for you.  Especially since I haven't decided which ones I like best myself...  But I have been test driving a few of them by getting them from the library first.  I am about to read Ed Woods book World Sourdoughs from Antiquity, since I have heard it quoted so often. It will be my tenth book so far. Many books on Bread don't focus enough on sourdough for me, either.  Although they are full of interesting breads and other baking.

I really liked Local Breads by Daniel Leader, but I think I have heard more comments on his first Book - Bread Alone.  So it's on my list.  What you may run into is that some of the books are fairly imposing if you are just starting to bake.  The book mentioned in this post is very good, but maybe not for a beginner, unless you like a more technical cookbook.

Cookbooks are so expensive, I try to really be sure before I buy one.  I keep them as long as the library will let me, and if I miss it after it is returned I put it on my wish list.  Can you go online to your local library network?  I get books through a central library exchange from all over Ohio.

Dan Lepard's book - The handmade Loaf, sounds really interesting, but I haven't been able to see a copy of it.  Since Dan is from England it takes a little while for the publishers here to pick up on some books here in the states.  His online recipes  and techniques seem pretty easy to follow, and he has a friendly style.

Hope this will help you find a good choice.

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Millciti 2008 December 12
Sorry double post. Since this space is here I will just use it...

Nicky I have the book right now until I return it... Next week... I wonder if I can renew it one more time.. See above post.  Do you have any specific questions?  I am thinking of buying it because it has a lot of excellent information on so many types of different breads and baking techniques.  Read the reviews here on Amazon at the bottom of the description.

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TeckPoh 2008 December 9
I can't decide which book is best for me. Here are some reviews. You may want to check out John Downe's Natural Tucker which isn't in that list (yet). Anyone wants to do a review?

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