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Sourdough rolls

Hello fellow bakers. Can anyone tell me what to use to prove rolls to keep their shape? I have bannetons for full sized loaves...

our small Alan Scoot oven, positioned right outside our kitchen door. Covered the final layer with a smooth layer of co. Very be

Bread oven

Just finished a small Alan Scott oven

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Sourdough transfer board?

Something that has bugged me for ages - What is the official name of the boards you can get that help transfer the sourdough to...


Oven plans

Hi all Just a word of warning regarding O/C,s advertised Oven Plans , do not bother Having built two domed masoary ovens I was...

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What size banneton should I get, a long 1kg or 800g . Is there much difference.. Has anyone bought the cheap ones from China?

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1905 scotch oven

I have stumbled upon a large commercial 1905 Scotch Oven in Victoria, Australia that looks like it is still in reasonably good...


Electrolux Assistent/DLX mixer

Still hoping to get that magical oven spring in my sourdough. Think my dough not sufficiently developed, so have invested in this...

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Traditional Proover

Kia ora Everyone! A bit of a strange question. Is there such thing as a tradtional poofer? or a earlier design opposed to the...


Cob oven up and running

It still needs a final lime plaster coating but it's up and running! https://vimeo.com/78433324


Our wood fire oven

A wood fire oven has been on my wish list for so long ...and here it is ... a work in progress. I've been baking sourdough for a...