Our wood fire oven

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A wood fire oven has been on my wish list for so long ...and here it is ... a work in progress. I've been baking sourdough for a while now (not artisan by any means) and am looking forward to baking it in the oven - just need to make a door. Building the oven has been a family affair with all hands on deck labouring ... that's my son you see in the photos digging foundations for a bench seat. The oven will eventually be white washed and have a roof and awning in front to keep out the sun and rain... and the pool is just a few feet away for those long hot days !












For the moment, it's covered with a tarp to keep out the rain, giving me time to take some lessons from SourDom !

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Maedi 2013 July 26

What a nicely detailed build process. Thanks Willow. Almost makes it look too easy, I bet it was a lot more work than it looks yeah?

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Willow 2013 July 26

Hi Maedi ... let's just say it's been a journey : ) ...  thank heavens one of us used to be a brick layer .... we've used recycled materials wherever we could and we've met some interesting people along the way ... and found your website ... just a shame we don't have time to for a trip to Oatlands to learn how it's really done ... one day - that's another thing to add to my wish list ! ... my Grandmother grew up in Bothwell and has fond memories of Tassie  .... and I'd love to see the mill as well.

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farinam 2013 July 27

Hello Willow,

Would love to have something like that.  Ah well, you can always dream.

Great job, and nice looking pizza.  Can't wait to see the finishing touches.

Good luck with your projects.


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Willow 2013 July 27

Hi Farinam, maybe you'll just have to visit one day and have a play with this one ... I see you live in the land of Oz!  There's been a lull in progress since we've been able to cook in it - we'd rather play and eat than work, but the finishing touches are hopefully not too far away ! 



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