My latest Sourdough , looks good...



I am quite pleased at this time..

There was a good rise and mild sourness that I have been looking for. 


However still  I have no idea how to get better bursting on top.





 The recipe and method are like this.


Bread Flour   200g

* Kraft Plus mix  100g 

Starter 150 g  ( 70% hydration )

Water 160g

Olive oil   20g

* Salt   3 g 


* Kraft Plus mix is  mix flour from Germany which includes  flour, rye flour, soy bean flour, sunflower seeds and so on . 

* Kraft mix already has some salt in so the amoutn of salt here is reduced by half.


1st fermentation : 4 hours

Foldings : 3 times

Proof :  overnight in the refrigerator

After out of the refrigerator , stand at room temp. for 30 mins.  ( It was already over prooved a little so there was no time to rest at room temp . ) 

Bake at 240 C for 10 mins then 200C for 20 mins. 




Here are more pictures.




Tearing on the side ... it should have been on the top where I cut through... hmm ...




Bread flour  270g

whole wheat flour 30g

white starter 150g  ( 70% hydration )

Water  180g

Salt 7g


Method is same as the above.






This is the culture that I used to make the above loaves.  

I think this is quite good.  I have made several cultures before , however this is my first time to see the full of bubbles like this.  I have tried not to make the culture over ripen at this time ( by refreshing earlier ) .  I have learned from my previous failures that over fermented culture broke down gluten network and made the dough weak.    






I got new flour .  Anyone uses same flour ? 

I have made new culture with this flour and baked a loaf today for the test to see the culture is ready or not.









Flour  300g

multigrain mix  80g

Water 220 g

Olive oil 60 g

Starter 200 g  ( about 70% hydration , White Flour 90%, Rye flour 10% )

Salt 7 g


In overall, the taste and crumb was good, but

it took 9 hours ( 5 + 4 )  before going in the oven, which means the new culture is not ready yet...

or ...the new flour doesn't work ? 


I' ll bake one more after sevral feedings.

Let's see what loaf comes out .



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LeadDog's picture
LeadDog 2010 December 31

 Looks really good.  You will need to post your recipe if you want some help in finding out how to get more bursting on top.  I think it looks just fine the way it is.

Millciti's picture
Millciti 2011 January 2

A lot of different factors could be involved, so give lots of details. Your crumb and hole structure is very nice, your bread looks wonderful!  


Ruralidle 2011 January 3

I wouldn't worry too much!  The loaf looks great and the crumb is really nice.  Could it be that the loaf was overproofed a little?


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