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 Hello. I am new to this site & hopping to get some help with my bread making, We have been buying our wheat from Roberts PTY. but it's not good wheat for flour making, The last 25Kg bag was a total disaster the bread was so sticky & heavy we could not eat it, so my wife used the wheat to fill heat packs. We have made good bread with flour we bought from a health food shop in the town of burnie. The wheat cost us over $5 a Kg which we thought was a bit dear . If there is anybody out there that can help me with this it would be very much appreciated. The wheat grown over here is soft wheat & not recommended for bread making. When you get the right wheat to grind it's great bread, At the moment we are eating "Helgas" but it dosen't come close to home ground home baked bread. Hopping to hear from anyone out there in computer land, Thanks.


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LeadDog 2010 November 28

 Hi Angus.  I saw when you first posted here but didn't think I could help you but saw your post on The Fresh Loaf.  I live in California so Roberts PTY means nothing to me.  You said on TFL that you are in Tasmania.  The owner of this website I believe is in Tasmania and has a bakery there.  I also believe that he grinds his own grain to make flour.  Try sending Graham or Maedi a personal message and see if they can help you.  The bakery is Companion Bakery in Oatlands Tasmania.  Here is the website for the bakery.

Angus 2010 November 28

Hi LeadDog. I know the place you suggest it started not that long ago, They claim to be using locally grown wheat & the business still growing so they are doing something right. It is only a short drive so I will call in and talk to them when I go that way again. I thought I would be getting help from Australia, But It is coming Mainly from the U.S.A.which is great as I can keep in touch with the other side of the World & the help is excellent, The information on the site & the recipes are really good, Thanks for your reply it is much appreciated.


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