maximum leavening?


Hi, when I prepair my kamut bread I let it rise for 24 hours. How long could it rise at maximum?

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HVHB 2011 April 3

 The time of any ferment is governed by temperature, hydration, pH, enzyme activity, and oxygenation.  There are probably other factors you could include by I'm not trying to give a lecture here.

You'll have to go it by feel, but a very generalised rule for wheat doughs is doubling in volume.  

We probably need more information about what you mean by rise; is that bulk fermentation, or final proving?

I have worked out my current recipes on structure failure.  I am going for the highest fermantaion/conversion possible without collapse.  When I place a dough in the oven and it collapses, I know it's gone too far.

Let us know how you go.

odysseus 2011 April 3

I meant the growth in volume of the dough waiting to be put into the oven.


I thougt more of 24 hours was too much, I will try to wait for the doubling in volume.

thank you. DO you warm the dough at a higher temperature than the room temperature?



HVHB 2011 April 3

 You can warm your dough, leave it at room temperature or cool it in the fridge, it depends on what you're trying to achieve.  

Warming the dough speeds up the process, if that's what you're after.  Refrigeration does the opposite, obviously.  Then these things affect your flavour profiles, but that's too much to go into here.

Where are you and what is your room temperature, on average?

HVHB 2011 April 7

 I haven't used khorasan flour, but if it's similar to wheat in its fermentation characteristics then I'd say 24 hours would be pushing it close to the limit at that sort of ambient temp.  

How is the bread turning out?  Take some pictures and give us a look.


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