Making my first Sour Dough starter, Need advice


 I started my Sour Dough with one .25 oz packet of yeast, 2 cups of flour, and 2 cups of warm water.  I got the usual reaction, and let it for a couple of days. It got crusty along the edges of the bowl, so I stirred it in.  After it another couple of days  it was very watery, smells sour, and was lacking in many bubbles. I added 1/4 cup of flour, and a pinch of sugar to see if I could get a reaction from it. It had a brownish liquid, which I supposed is what people call hooch. I stirred it in. It's been sitting for an hour now , and I don't see  a whole lot of action. It all looks like very watery dough now. I'll try to check it in the morning, but did I blow it by not feeding it sooner?


Thanks for any tips, advice, or criticism. :) 

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Tolly Dough 2011 August 27

I agree: Sour dough is not made with commercial yeast; that would defeat the purpose, yes???

I made my own for my bakery; it took a good month of feeding to get a really good starter although, there was vigorous activity after about 5 days. 


100% Rye flour

100% water

2 oz each is enough for a home baker.

mix in a clean glass or plastic jar with a lid. Change the Jar every so often to a clean one.

pour out most of the starter every time you refresh.

refresh twice a day for the first 7 days.

then refresh once a day for two to three weeks.

You should have plenty of activity after a week but your sour flavor will need time to develop.

I started to refrigerate the starter overnight and leave it out during the day for couple weeks and the sour flavor developed.

I keep the Jar of starter out on the table all the time now but I will give it a few nights in the cooler if the sour starts to wane.

I now use King Arthur all purpose flour for the starter and only use 50% rye and 50% all purpose once a week to give the wild yeast a boost.

Rye is best for starting a starter because the wild yeast finds more nutrition in Rye.

This starter is now eight months old and going strong.

Good luck

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