Just made a batch of sourdough pancakes


I didn't like the idea of throwing away half of my starter each time I fed it. It's only 100 grams being discarded at each feeding, but feeding twice a day that adds up over time. So I decided to put the discared starter into a container and store it in the fridge. After a few days I had enough to cover the bottom of a square shaped luch box type plastic box.

The recipe: I chucked some extra flour into the box, also an egg and about 200ml of milk. Then I added some camelia tea oil (been shopping today and wanted to try it) and some brown sugar (brown sugar because that is what I had avaliable).


I tasted the batter before I let it rest for a while and it had a lovely sweet and sour taste. I let it rest for about an hour while I went for a swim.

When I came back I fried the pancakes up in a hot pan. Served with a little blue berry jam.


I was planning to save some for my wife to taste when she gets home, but they tasted so good I just had to eat them all.

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Bebe 2012 April 28
Gee I just threw my starter into compost, and I didn't really want to waste it, just followed Sourdom's instructions. Never thought of making something out of discard. I'd be worried I get salmonella or something horrid. it seems to be coming along nicely, day 4. What else can one do with discarded starter?
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Karniecoops 2012 April 28

 I haven't done this for ages and I agree, they are completely yum! Have you redeemed yourself and made some for your wife?!

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