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Following recent discussion on sourdough companion re: Real Bread Movement, Abscorbic Acid and the need for an Association, Governing body, to implement labeling and inderstanding amongst the baking community in Australia we continue to stumble across more fuel for the fire.. When celebrity chefs are now cheapening the image of authentic sourdough baking by working with KFC for fringe benefits one wonders where we will all end up? When you sell your soul where else have you got left to go!!

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Stefen Tradtion... 2011 August 29

 The above link, is just another reason why we need national standards in food and especially in Bread, when fast food uses  the term sourdough, just what do they mean?

Is it a case of just cashing in on the now trendy term/bread? Then in an attempt to make themselves look good,  they BUY jint vernutes/endorsements with modern media chef's beggar's belief, all in the name of profit's, market share and helping to make the populus FATTER with all the health issues that come with FATNESS.... "Would you like lard with your pretend sourdough?" or was that fries...!    Fast Food should be renamed what it is 'FAT FOOD' 

Sell Out, Sell hard and Sell fast, Where is the integrity and honesty in our food industry going? 

All the more reason for A REAL FOOD - READ BREAD Campaign.  


Stefen Tradtion... 2011 August 29

Where is the food industry going? 

Vote for real food - real bread, vote with one's feet and support those who are respecting the consumer and have integrity. At the  end of the day where one spend's their hard earned money counts. 


Ruralidle 2011 August 30

As a UK home baker, I am really pleased with the work of our Real Bread Campaign and it seems to me that now is the time for something similar in Australia.  Form a strong association and promote your agreed standards then lobby government to protect the title "sourdough" to stop imitations.

Stefen Tradtion... 2011 August 31

 Ruralidle, thank you for your support, you are right, the time has come for a REAL BREAD Campaign in Australia. YES, we need legislation that can be enforced to stop Faux - Imitation 'Soughdough'. We need a strong lobby group to conter the industrial chemicalised food/bread industry. If industry cannot be trusted to be honest with 'we' the public/consumer then we must push for legislative standards.

Watch this space......

Ruralidle 2011 August 31

You can't trust industry to do anything other than maximise profits - they have no (or very little) conscience.  Just look at the drugs and oil industries, News International and its British former newspaper the "News of the World"!!!  A strong consumer and aritisan producer voice is essential to counter the vested interests of the "big boys".  Good Luck.

Polenta 2011 August 31




Adjective: Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed. 


 How I laugh.

I have seen so many celebrity chefs trying to be bigger than they are. 

Then the "marketing chains" wanting a boost in sales often fall into this web of pretentious deciet.

They might not know themselves what is going on - but the "chef" does ! And they thow tons of money their way.

And then they themselves becoming  pretentious. All just to be associated with that chef or that company.

Makes me sick !

And the gullable public eat it all up. (pun intended)

Mariah 2011 September 1

 What better time to bring back the 70s feminist slogan. Never more has it been true since we are being bombarded are so many more fronts. We are being weakened by our food, our brains numb by reality (shows maybe) and the old tricks of turning something around that's bad and doesn't make sense to become gospel and the end all.  

Enough ranting. Time to bake or hot foot it out to our local bake shop. 



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