Interesting video


Moohie 2013 March 31

Thanks Shasta, I've bookmarked it to watch when I don't have to compete with the television and the general loudness around here! :) 


gongoozler 2013 April 6

Thanks Shasta - nice blend of science and craft.

I'm fortunate in being retired but I guess that for many of my stressed-out fellow Brits living on an overcrowded island with appalling weather, the idea of living in California and spending all day baking sourdough must seem highly attractive. I suppose that Mr Morell has his problems just like the rest of us though!


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shasta 2013 April 7

Hi Gongoozler,

Yes I agree, it does sound attractive. All except the 15-16 hour days!

I should try to get down and visit this bakery, I'm only about 3 hours away!

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