Improving our Forum Categories

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Graham and I have been talking about re-structuring our forum categories. They currently seem to be organised by 'skill level':

    * Home Sourdough
    * Beginners
    * Professional
    * Technical Centre

We'd like to make them more topically organised:

    * Starters and Levains - Flour, water and fermentation
    * Sourdough Baking (merging Home Sourdough, Beginners, Open Talk) - General discussion on sourdough bread
    * Ovens
    * Bake-Off's
    * Books and Research - Book reviews, research and important scraps of information
    * Ingredients and Equipment - Sourcing ingredients, Finding and reviewing baking gear
    * Technical Centre (merging Technical Centre and Professional) - More advanced topics and professional formulas
    * Events - Workshops, Gatherings and field days
    * Employment and Training

Please let me know if this is a welcome change (or suggest some additional categories). It would require a couple of days of re-organising all our forum topics, but I'm willing to give it a go - and I can grant people access if they would like to help.

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Maverick 2009 March 13

While I am brand new to this site, I would suggest you keep 'Beginners' as its own topic. Otherwise I like the idea of topical categories. Like I said, I am new so perhaps the flow of the forums would be better without the beginners forum but I find a catch all for beginner questions to be helpful on other forums (of different topics though). Eventually beginners feel more confident and freely post on the other forums, but it is nice to have a forum to get you jumpstarted. This also allows more experienced people to help out the beginners easier.


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Millciti 2009 March 24
Okay I've been noticing some problems in the forum. Not able to break up ideas. Can't insert spaces start new paragraphs or insert links for pictures. So what is up? Great idea to regroup the forum, is that what is going on? Is everything just turned off right now? Terri
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Maedi 2009 March 24

Hi Terri. I'm glad you like the idea to regroup the forum. I'll begin sorting in the next couple of days.

Unfortunately the text editor is still not enabled, I recently updated our software (Drupal) to the latest version, and I currently can't figure out why the editor isn't showing. For now though I have re-enabled line breaks, and web addresses will automatically be linked, so formatting will look slightly better for now.

You can currently use BBCode to insert images... or please send me any images and I will put them in your post for you.

Hope all is well,

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