I had a great baking day!

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Every now and then you have a day were it all comes together right!
After my initial success with a longer refrigeration time, I attempted four loaves yesterday that I allowed to cold ferment in the refrigerator for 24 hrs. I paid careful attention loaf formation & scoring and ended up with what I think is four of my best loaves of white sourdough to date.

I pulled these 30 min. apart starting left to right. I made smaller loaves that would be easier to slice. the finish loaves are just under 1.5 lbs.

Finished loaves.

Closer shot of the first two

Crumb from first loaf.

Crumb from second loaf.  You can't really see it in these shots but the loaves had some nice custard crumb.
My wife is taking three of the loaves to work tomorrow where they disappear quickly because some folks cut big chunks off. She asked me to slice up the loaves so that everyone can get some. This allowed me to see the inside of the first three. We're keeping the fourth one so I'll get to see how it looks tomorrow.

I think this is the first time that I have been really happy with a the outcome of a larger bake. The crust color & blisters, crumb texture, scoring and spring all seemed to work right. I haven't tasted it yet but if the flavor is like the one last weekend, I'll be happy with that too.
I can strongly recommend trying this longer cold fermentation process.

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CHRISGREEN1066 2013 April 18

Hi Shasta,

Can I just clarify a couple of things - When you say 24 hours in the fridge - I assume that you are talking about the bulk fermentation ? Once you shaped the dough and put it into the Bannetons did you do the final proving in the fridge or at room temperature ? and how long did the final proving take ? I currently do the "bulk fermentation" at room temperature (about 5 hours) and then shape and into the Banneton followed by proving overnight in the fridge (about 10 hours)

Your bread looks fantastic. I feel inspired to try and achieve your standards !!!

Cheers Chris

LL 2013 April 19



Your bread looks delicious!

What type of bakeware did you use?


Enjoy the feast!



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