I am a Success at Sourdough Starter!!!!

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Jane Williams

Yay!  I am a genuine successful sourdough bread baker!!!  I'm no longer a FAILURE!!

Disclaimer:  I tend to be long winded. 


I baked {in my new Romertopf} the most magnificent, stupendous, glorious, award-winning {well, it would have received top award if I had submitted it}.  AND it was a little taste of heaven, except we managed to polish off most of the loaf still warm, then made the most delicious roast chicken sandwiches, and there might be a couple slices for breakfast {or brekkie, as most of you all say}.


My starter is now known here as “My Little Aussie Buddy” because that’s who I credit for getting me to this point.  He has already contributed to some rye bread that is “resting” overnight in the fridge.  Gosh, I love my little Aussie Buddy. He is so studly. 


I’ve got rye bread (with my variation of seeds) retarding in the fridge for morning. 


So today I got a notification from Ebay that I won an auction and they wanted

$12.50 from me.  And half an hour later, I get another Ebay message that says I won another auction.  Sheesh, when have I had time to bid on Ebay?  I spend all my time baking bread or reading about baking bread…. Or eating bread.  Well, apparently I bid in a used Romertopf {only used once for bread} and won it for $9.50.  Then I bid on a Lodge Dutch oven, which actually, I do need.   But I need a larger one…not the one I got, which I can only use for large boules. 


I’m so proud to learn new terms.  I toss all these new words around with my family, and actually impress them.  They think I am a genius and are now putting in orders.  I only charge them 25# of bread flour from Sam’s Club.  LOL.  Second loaf, I need to ask for a pound of butter.  Heh.


Oh, for those still reading, I got instructions with the Romertopf, and I got instructions from Breadtopia, where I ordered it from.  One says not to preheat  but to start from a cold oven when baking bread and one says to preheat.  Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.  I hate when that happens.  So I soaked the top, but not the bottom.  I preheated the whole thing, fell to my knees and said 3 Hail Mary’s.  And that did the trick.  Worked like a charm. 


Thank you all that encourage me, and the dude at Breadtopia for his informative videos, and have a great night!!


Going to dream of some multi seeded wonder after Jimmy Fallon puts me to sleep!



PS:  Pictures when I can figure out how to upload the damn pictures from the camera to the computer !!!

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Jane Williams 2011 May 15

Kym, it happened.  Can someone tell me how to upload a dang picture here?  I'm too old to learn new tricks.





panfresca 2011 May 16

 ...that's accessible through your account. To add a pic, click on the Gallery link in your account settings page, then in Gallery, click Edit, and you will have options to add a pic.

Once the pic is uploaded, copy its URL, and come back to the message you want to post the pic in, click on the Insert Image icon (the yellow square), and go from there.

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Jane Williams 2011 May 17

Well, I'm a loser at figuring out how to post a picture here but I think I managed to get one added to my profile.  If so, it's on this message.  It is S-P's home bread.  If not, then I have more work to do to figure this out.


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Jane Williams 2011 May 17

I'll keep plugging away.  I go to "my account" and there is a message under Gallery that I have nothing entered in my gallery, but I find no place to click to add. Sigh.  Guess I'll go bake some bread to try to make myself feel better.


alexandra75 2011 May 17

congratulations jenny, that is great news, welcome to the wonderful world of sourdough. Look forward to seeing some pics when you do work out how to do it. and you will , as we all know you are a determined woman

Kind Regards


Merrid 2011 May 18

You might try keeping an intact loaf for a couple of days - the flavour of sourdough improves on keeping, and the crust is a great preserver.

Should be good for brekkie toast! ;-)

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