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 Hey there,

 I’m new to this forum and I just wanted to start off by saying hi!  I’m working with a doctor that specializes on food allergies and I have interview scheduled with him next week. I would like to take this opportunity to ask you what questions you would have for him. Perhaps you would like to know some natural remedies, or maybe you just want to know what is going on in your body. Remember, there are no stupid questions.  To add value to this thread and forum I will post the interview once it’s done. This will also be as a thank you for helping me out. It will be a direct download link…no email, no forums to fill out. Just take it. I look forward to seeing your questions. Brandon
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mlucas 2011 January 6

Hi Brandon


1. Of course I would be very interested to hear if the doctor has any opinions on sourdough, e.g. whether it is more digestible, less allergenic, etc. compared to other breads. Would the use of sourdough with very young children perhaps prevent wheat & gluten allergies later in life? (Note there are recent studies that have touted the health benefits of sourdough including one from University of Guelph that I am aware of, which showed beneficial effects on blood sugar levels up to several hours after eating.)


2. I have been told that there are two types of food allergies, "fast-acting" (where you see an allergic response like a rash, swelling or at worse anaphylaxis), and "slow-acting" where there are no immediate symptoms, rather the symptoms like indigestion/bloating etc. occur over time. Can the doctor explain the differences? Can blood or other tests show whether a particular allergy is fast or slow?


3. What is current thinking of the effect of the body's intestinal microflora on food allergies?  Can probiotic supplements help?


4. I have heard of therapy where minute amounts of allegen are given to someone and slowly increased over time to train the body not to react. Is this recommended?


Please feel free to filter the above, I was brainstorming!


healthyliving 2013 July 2

I can't wait to see the interview results being posted! i'm exited to know because surely i will learn something important out of it.

Great questions indeed.

petanque 2013 July 2

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Of the people who self diagnose gluten intolerance how many are then medically diagnosed with another issue?

phaz 2013 July 5
it's sourdough better, or worse, for a diabetic (as in, does it change glycemic index - one way or the other)?

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