How to feed the starter


I used to feed my starter every day and leave it out of the fridge but since I bake only once a week I think I'd better put it in the fridge.

Is it ok if I feed the starter once a week when I use it (one large feed)?

Can I put it right back in the fridge of do I have to leave it out for a while?


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Postal grunt 2010 June 6

It's much easier to keep a small starter in the fridge, about 150-200g, and use a portion of that to build up a starter the day before for your loaves. If you only bake a single loaf in a week, you could get away with keeping 100g and still get consistently good results. Remember the KISS principle, Keep It Simple S______, and don't worry.

Alie0Bronwynn 2010 June 7

Hi Lisette!


Ok - what I do is pull the starter out, let it defrost, then refresh it.  Use it the next day in the recipe, refresh it and IMMEDIATELY put it into the fridge.  The starter can live in the fridge longer than outside because the cold slows the process of the yeast eating the flour and water.  So, I found if I left the starter out so the yeast could feed, THEN put it in the fridge, my starter didn't last very long and died.  :-(


I could see how only using a bit of the starter from the fridge and refeshing it and keeping it cold could work out well, but I haven't tried that yet.  I'm also eager to try freezing some of my good starter in case I run out.  This is supposed to be a good way to handle it.


Good luck!


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