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Hi! I'm a student studying in a Dutch university who's been quite into bread baking for a few years now. I used to keep a sourdough culture a few year ago since my undergrad days in Canada and lugged it back home to my home country of Malaysia. Now I'm furthering my studies here in the Netherlands and had to leave my culture at home. Kinda bummed about it, but my family's helping out to feed it every two weeks. Hopefully. Anyhow, I started one here a few months ago and it sorta reawakened my passion for bread baking.

Jeremy's bakers interviews on his site sorta directed me here and I just thought it's such a great site. So just want to join in the fun and also share some ideas and experiences hopefully.


Just posted some pictures in my personal album of the wind-powered flour mill smack in the middle of town. They sell the greatest selection of flours I've ever seen. It's the most amazing thing ever and favourite thing in this little sleepy hollow!

Hope you guys will enjoy them!

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Graham 2008 February 8

Maedi forgot to mention that he has spent nearly every night of the last 2 months getting this site to look so good :) and is still going!

Gul I absolutely love your photos, and want to point you towards a flour mill that is being restored in Oatlands, Australia, in Tasmania. I will let the Oatland's Mill people know about your photos. The mill you describe sounds ideal.

Excellent! Graham

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TeckPoh 2008 February 8
Gosh...you travel around, don't you? Great pix.

Welcome to sourdough.com.au and Gong Xi Fa Cai! Here's some ong lai (pineapple ) cookies for you...

Thanks, Maedi! I know I wouldn't have used up my precious school hols straightening out the site.
gul_dekar 2008 February 9

haha I suppose so. See the world and everything while I can!

Gong xi fa cai to you too! Those look good! mmm... what I really miss is kuih kapit/loveletters though....mmmm...haven't had those in a long time.

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bianchifan 2008 February 9
Guess what kinda student I am? To me bread IS microbiology!

Biology? Agriculture?

Hello, from germany, my first last and only visit to Wagenigen is long long ago.
I say it Malaysian peaple are conquerinmg the majority in here :))))))
gul_dekar 2008 February 9

Hello bianchifan! Well I'm doing food safety. Sorta specializing in food microbiology since I really like microbes and the stuff they do.

Wageningen's not too bad. When was long long ago? I think it's not too bad here. Kinda quiet but I like how there's a lot of outdoor-sy stuff you can do here. Only downside is that Dutch bread isn't very good (sorry Dutch pple!), but at least that's more incentive for me to bake!

Whereabouts in Germany are you from?    

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bianchifan 2008 February 14
[quote=gul_dekar].. since I really like microbes and the stuff they do.[/quote] LOL.. :))))) me too ;) Long ago is 1979. I live in Wuppertal, nearby a cat's jump to the netherlands, I'm there from time to time, mostly Amsterdam (Zandvoort)or Vaals. OK, happy baking!
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Jeremy 2008 February 14

Welcome, I was meaning to say hello and say I love the photo's you take! Good thing your baking if the bread is so bad, shame though that there isn't a good bread culture, hop over to Germany or France, plenty there to sample!


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