Help! What's wrong with my starter?


I was very busy these days that even I only could have my dinner in restaurants. I didn't refresh my starter and I found it looks like the photo below. Please help me to know what the yellow spots are on the picture, I guess they're groups of bacteria, good ones or bad ones? What's the name of the bacteria? My starter is still safe to use?





I found one the surface of the starter, it goes moldy, check out the photo below, it grows white fungus like mold. I wonder it's still safe to use? Or simply throw away the most part and add new flour? I care about bad food very much, and always throw away bad food even it's just a bit moldy. Is it safe to use moldy starter even I throw away the moldy part? I don't wanna get cancer. :(  Thanks for your great help in advance!!


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craig_the baker 2013 January 30
Looks like some mold established itself in your culture. If it were me, I would throw out your starter and begin anew. It's so simple to start a new one that I wouldn't bother with trying to save the old one. Better safe,than sorry.
Mary Larson 2020 September 13

I pulled out my sourdough starter to feed it, and found there was mold and rust on the walls of the crock. Do I need to discard the entire batch?  I've never seen this. Is it as simple as I neglected to clean the walls of the crock prior to storing in the refrigerator?

KC 2020 September 21
Mary, I wouldn't use it. I have gone a while without cleaning my container especially when it's sleeping in the fridge and have never seen mold even with leaving bits on the interior walls.
Gareth Busby 2020 September 18

It's probably a bit late now but if anyone comes across this, the liquid on top of the sarter is just hooch. It can just be stirred in. Though the mould around the outside is unusual, how old is your starter and how long has it been in that cup?

I would take a spoon of starter into another container and continue feeding. It's saveable. 

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