Hard Wheat Flour

Johnny Famous

 Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody knows where I can get good quality Hard wheat flour near me I live on the NSW Central Coast.

I am also often in Sydney and Newcastle.

Bulk would be great.

I hear Luacke make some good flours but I dont know who their resellers are.

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robin 2010 November 21

 I buy Kialla flours from Brasserie Bread in Botany in Sydney.  I've also found good hard wheat flours at aboutlife (used to be a macro foods before woolworths took them over, but these two stayed independent - one in bondi junction, the other in Rozelle).  Don't know any on the Central Coast or Newcastle. 

BTW  I went to the Brasserie Bread sourdough class a couple of weeks ago for anyone in Sydney.  It was great.  I learned a lot of little tricks - my bread baking has improved enormously. Highly recommend it. Besides the class, we got to eat some great bread afterwards!


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