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Spent malted barley additions

I've been adding a cup or so of spent barley to each loaf, left over from mashing home brewed beers. This adds a wonderful taste...

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Recipe for bread that has chick pea flour or soy flour

I recently saw a recipe (here on this site) that someone had posted . . . chick pea bread loaf recipe. I have been searching and...


Golden color

I have finaly gotten the times down for my oven as far as getting a loaf cooked inside and out with the 1 2 3 baking method. I...


Small and Shattell

Hello I have a complete small and shattell oven front That I am selling and thought there may be some interest on this site. I...

No Knead Sourdough

Thank you to the generous people who share their knowledge and make this forum possible. Six months ago I started baking...


Slashing dough - wet or otherwise

I use scissors to make the slashes. Quick, easy, no fuss.


your own french bakery

hello everyone i run a bakery in south Burgundy, France [ ] making organic pure sourdough bread *...

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Newbie Questions

Hello all; Couple of weeks ago I ventured in to the sourdough/home baking world. I used to bake now and again with dried yeast...


Sekowa Backferment

Has anyone had experience of working with the Sekowa Backferment?


Crock pot

Hi I was wondering if there is an electric crock to maintain optimal storage temp? I live in a MH and any one with the experience...

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