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Looking for other bakers in the Columbus, OH area to share with

I am a home bread baker living in Columbus OH area and would love to get together with pother bakers to share recipes, breads and...

Commercial Supply Hot Pita Bread Help

Is there any Possible way to provide hot Pita Bread to end consumer from convenience/grocery stores. Every opinion/suggestion/...

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Can dough be frozen ?

George has asked... My work and leisure time schedules leave little room for baking. Many bread baking recipes I see (and try)...

Slap and fold fiasco?

!st attempt at slap/fold. 100% whole grain kamut at 80% hydration. Long autolysis, about 3 hours. I added the starter, folded it...


Wheat free troubles

Hi everyone, I am not new to bread baking however I am new to making bread without wheat.I've tried several recipes for oat flour...


Milling my flour

Hi - I live on the Gold Coast, QLD and would like to mill my own flour for sourdough break, does anyone know where I could take...

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How long can you let a dough rise?

Scott would like to know.... Good Morning: The dough proof instructions in the book generally call for an overnight rise, 8-12...


Flour Milling

Hi, I have recently acquired a grain mill and have started on the long, slow road to learning how to mill. Was just wondering if...


100% Wholewheat question

I have been grinding my own wheat and baking 100% wholewheat bread for a while now. My main aim is to bake a loaf with a nice...


Bread Video

Pretty cool video how this place does its bread.