Flatbreads Bake-off Prelim

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Dear Bakers

I've dug into our burgeoning bag of bake-off suggestions and pulled out Flatbreads. However, flatbreads run into a seemingly endless list of breads. We have pizza, pita, focaccia, ciabatta, cracker, naan, pancake (oh...there are chinese versions too), injera, paratha, tortilla, chappati, and many, many exotic versions which I'm sure we'll be delighted to explore. We need to set some parameters. Ok, so we'll miss out on a few days deliberating on this...but we've got a month and more. Let's do it. For starters, I suggest grouping them into:

1. Flatbreads (I) - non-leavened: Tortilla, chappati, paratha, cracker. Although these do not require yeasties in them, nothing to stop us from adding in sourdough for flavour, right?

2. Flatbreads (II) - leavened: Focaccia, ciabatta, naan

3. Flatbreads (III) - Pizza

We'll tackle this over 2 days, ok?


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TeckPoh 2008 September 2

for whetting our appetite. I'm sorry I wasn't clear; I was hoping we could decide on whether to have SEPARATE threads or an ALL-in-ONE thread before we started. Could we do that first? Thank you.


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LeadDog 2008 September 2
You mean we have to make a decision?  I just want to have some fun baking bread.  How about you make the call.  I'm sure we will have fun either way.  
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TeckPoh 2008 September 2
(biting the bullet)

The list is not exhaustive.

Flatbreads (I) - leavened: Focaccia, ciabatta, naan....

Flatbreads (II) - non-leavened: Tortilla, chappati, paratha, cracker...

Flatbreads (III): Pizza

Will keep this thread open for folks to drop in their 2 cents. For the actual bake-off, please go here.


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