Flatbreads Bake-off (I)

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We want to see lots of [s]ciabatta,[/s] focaccia, naan and other leavened flatbreads. Here are some previous threads with formula. If you come across others in the forum, pls link...I might have missed them.

[s]Ciabatta - Dom's, Jeremy's, Robert's blog [/s]*

Focaccia - Bill's, Jeremy's (oi! you forgot to give the formula), Dom's

Hang on! That's not all. Please also introduce the accompaniment for your bread....stews, curries, roasts...with, recipes and pix, yum! Mental note to self - not a month to go on a slimming diet. 

* Dom suggests that ciabatta gets a thread of its own due to its not necessarily flat shape.
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Jeremy 2008 September 25
My Turkish series is finished, though I will surely explore more recipes and such, can't wait to go back!
Thanks for the nice words, I just posted a bit on Nina, the rye Queen of Denmark!


Cute Baby, I knew Graham still knew how to bake!

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TeckPoh 2008 September 29
I wonder if I wished hard enough, the 4th bread would magically appear right in front of me? Where does the oak come in, LD?

Are we up to attacking ciabatta next?

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LeadDog 2008 September 29
[quote=TeckPoh]I wonder if I wished hard enough, the 4th bread would magically appear right in front of me? Where does the oak come in, LD?
There might be a slice of it left but I don't think it is going on a trip.
The "Oak" comes from where I live.  The name of my area here is "Oak Flat".
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Fire Beard 2008 October 1
Sorry for not posting before, we are still just in Septebmer here though your clock is now in October. Unfortunatly I now have a job so my time for playing around is severly limited.

You lot have made some fine looking breads really inspiring stuff.

Here  are pics of some flat breads I made a couple of weekends back.

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Millciti 2008 October 1
Hi All,

Sorry I almost forgot to post these,and I'm still having problems... Best not to wait till the last err 20 minutes of the month!!!  Here is one picture of my flatbread submissions.  Maybe someone else can move some of the other pictures over from my gallery ... I can only seem to get one.  These are from my earlier post... Sorry still no real recipe I just adjust them till they work!

Just to remind you... "I have some Mediterranean Grilled Flatbreads to post, something that I created this summer, but haven't figured out what they really are... Focaccini or Naan...?  Sort of Naan but with cooked potato, Greek yogurt and Olive oil in the dough.  Maybe I'll just post them later, and let you all decide. "

On to the next round...

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celia 2008 October 3

Teresa's Syrian Flatbread inspired me to try something new.  Using her technique and my standard sourdough recipe (about 75% hydration), I made these flatbreads.  Have to say I'm absolutely delighted with them.  I shaped balls from the risen dough, and then dipped them in poppyseeds.  The balls were then covered with greased Gladwrap and allowed to rise again.  I squashed the final risen dough out flat under the clingfilm (they were already on a sheet of Bake), and then straight into a 250C oven onto preheated pizza stones.  The resulting loaves puffed up like balloons!  The  bread inside was flat and chewy with lots of big holes, and it's a great bread to eat hot.

This was a great alternative to the usual loaves I bake for dinner, and I tried the technique because I had friends for dinner, the main meal was nearly ready, and I didn't have time to bake a 45 minute loaf and then let it cool.  This bread is fantastic in situations like that...

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TeckPoh 2008 October 3
Sounds terrific, Celia! Teresa always brings us gifts of breads (recipes). BTW, thanks for squeezing in your gorgeous breads, Firebeard....our loss that you're baking less now.

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northwestsourdough 2008 October 5
Dang! That looks good Jeremy, did you say you had recipes for this on your site? You have got to be one of the most versatile chefs I have ever seen. Teresa
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Jeremy 2008 October 6
You Betcha Teresa, wink, wink! (Can't get enough of that Palinisms!)
Just posted the Pide pizza on the site this morning and the other pide with the eggplant salad too!

Dig in!
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TeckPoh 2008 October 28
Great-looking naan you've got there, LD.

I haven't been making bread recently. In the midst of a 'last' big cake job.

Happy baking, all!
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lamp 2008 December 1
Not as good as yours Jeremy...mine were made for dinner with a standard bread dough and not from a dedicated dough batch but they tasted nice.  :-)
(Also posted in my blog)


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