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Here is a lovely article that I discovered earlier this year in the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Food Guide.

We eat this salad probably two or three times a week! With anything!


<img src="http://static.flickr.com/44/202642008_e79e6aa19d_o.jpg" width="414" height="716" alt="fattoushedit (414 x 716)">

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SourYumMum 2006 August 1

I had problems using the [img] tags, Maedi!

I will go back and find your tutorial on the matter so that our Jeremy can see my pix.

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Maedi 2006 August 1

If you read my tutorial then tell me if some things don't make sense and I'll fix them.


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Jeremy 2006 August 1

Thanks Maedi, just that it's so important to see Carols goodies, especially with the avatar looking like it just had some of them!


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Maedi 2006 August 2

So you've gone to the [url=http://sourdough.com.au/gallery/]Gallery[/url] and clicked the register button?

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Jeremy 2006 August 2

Yeah I saw it Maedi! And by the way that hot steamy thing I suppose is a loaf? Otherwise I think it may be mistaken for something else mate! Another kind of loaf!


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Bill44 2006 August 2

Thanks. I'm working on the avatar.
I'm very pleased to hear that Maedi. The wild magpies that I feed cough up a black version of your avatar.

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SourYumMum 2006 August 2

Maedi's avatar looks quite like what Lardy the Big-Arsed Possum drops from the tree onto my driveway most nights!

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TeckPoh 2006 July 31

Thanks, Carol. Sounds like a great refreshing salad, just the thing to put together for me and the girls for hot afternoon lunches (which is everyday?).

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Jeremy 2006 July 31

why are Carols pics unfriendly for my mac? Can't we have amac friendly Carol pic page?


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Maedi 2006 July 31

That's odd Jeremy.

Carol has been using html to insert her images, instead of the BBCode [img] tags, so that could be the reason.

Here is the image using the BBCode [img] tags. Can you see it Jeremy?


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