Dr Karg Style Crispbread


G'day fellow Bakers,

I purchased some crispbread the other day called "Dr Karg Crispbread" I found them to be a fantastic alternative for lunch or a quick snack. The ingredients list suggests they are yeast driven so I thought I might try making something similar, using my Khoresan starter, for the kids lunchbox and my own. I searched the net looking for recipes but havn't found anything that really resembles these dr Karg things. I was wondering if anyone out there has a recipe or method for such a product that would be willing to share with me


  Regards Steve...

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Merrid 2013 February 19

I suspect it's really just a very thin yeasted batter that's baked twice - once to "set" the dough and prevent further development, and again to make it crisp in the way you do for biscotti.

Apart from that, I'd suggest you maybe investigate recipes for cream crackers and see if you can adapt any of those to make this style of thing. I've never met Dr Karg crispbread but I assume it's something like Ryvita?

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