Cutting to control expansion

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I thought I'd post this topic as it did arise in another thread. Some bread made today exhibits the practice clearly.
Below; two loaves from the same dough scaled at the same weight, proved in the same baskets yet cutting/slashing made a significant difference to the type of expansion, appearance and charcater of the final loaf. Behold the art and craft of baking which is responsive to every touch.


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TeckPoh 2008 March 11

Aesthetics aside, the horizontal cuts, spaced in this manner, will not be adequate, right? Did the loaf burst at the bottom?
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Danubian 2008 March 11
there were no splits where they shouldn't be, only where the dough was cut. However, as can be seen the straight across loaf expanded less in the cuts but produced a more rounded upright shape loaf. In cross section it is almost circular in shape. I'll post a picture when I get home to show the cross section shape and the side crust also.
nowonmai 2008 March 11

the pics i was talking about are in my gallery now if you'd care to have a look, would love your opinion on how i'm doing! of the two loaves, the one on the right was the wetter one, with less salt. It was slashed, but filled the slash out (i didnt go anywhere near deep enough). the crumb was good, and the flavour was pretty much what i was aiming for. I cant wait to get back to my mixer, and really work the dough in the initial stages, as i find it hard to develop enough by hand when it is that wet. the other loaf was slashed a bit deeper, and while not as pretty as yours still opened up and had a great internal structure.

I've only been at it for four months, so am really excited about getting it better. by this time next year, it may even look as good as the amazing bread on this blog!

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