Couple of questions


Hi Everyone

I have a couple of questions 

Has anyone ever approached their local Baker to ask if they can come in and watch a shift and see the bakers work?


If a recipe calls for 7g of dry yeast, can you use starter in its place and if so what is the weight conversion?


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farinam 2013 October 7

Hi Mal,

Never done it but it couldn't hurt to ask.  Could be an OH&S thing in the way.

On the yeast substitution thing I use the 180g with 500g flour ratio adjusted pro rata.  You also have to recalculate the water requiredas well to allow for what is in the starter.  Fairly obviously your timings will be much differentf rom those indicated in the recipe.  In the end it probably doesn't matter hugely what amount you use it will just affect the time and final taste of the bread that you produce.

Good luck with your projects.


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108 breads 2013 October 11

I added 75g more each of flour and water to make up for the sharply decreased amount of starter. The kitchen was very warm - 80 degrees at night during a DC October heat wave. A tiny amount of starter allowed for an 11+ hour rise instead of the 4-6 hour rise in the Wild Sourdough recipe. Plus, at 80 degrees, the rise probably would have been two hours with so much starter. The result? In the top five breads I have ever made, maybe even the best.

Confession: I find it difficult to follow a recipe without any changes.

Best of luck.

black dog 2013 October 11

I asked a local baker if i could join him, he happily obliged, i learned a great deal and it was a great experience to watch bread being made on a much larger scale than i was used to. It was mighty hard work thoguh but well worth asking, the worst they can say is no


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