Clay Oven in Brisbane


I recently finished our clay oven - have made lots of amazing pizza (only using IDY so far, will try SD soon). The finished oven looks like this:

It's on the upstairs deck, right outside the kitchen doors. The dome looked like this:

And when it fires up, it gets nice and hot:

I'm hoping to get a door put together for it this weekend, and get some sourdough bread baked in there.



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BackyardPermaculture 2010 July 17

 Thanks Joe,

It meant I had to spend a bit more on the flue pipes and insulation because it ran so close to the house roof, and finishing it off was really hard because of it being beside the deck railing. But when it rains we're really grateful to have it so close.



mesourman 2010 July 18

Sorry to be boring, but how much does that oven weigh, and is your deck really designed to carry that load?

Please have a think about this, and perhaps stick a column under it or fence off the area below so nobody gets hurt if the lot came crashing down...


BackyardPermaculture 2010 July 19

 Hi Frank,

Thanks for the concern - you raise good questions, although I'm quite confident in the deck.

The oven weighs around 300kg, and the deck is constructed on joists that run over the same bearer as the back of the house. I have also ensured that the legs of the oven base have the load spread across multiple boards.



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