Ciabatta in Trinidad & Tobago


Ciabatta has finally become a popular bread in Trinidad ( a small island in the caribbean) . We have a family owned business Pascal's Bakery, its been around for 26 years and still going strong. 


We want  to wholesale ciabatta bread as it in high demand due the famous panini sandwhich. We are using hoagie pans for structure , 6" x 3" x 1/2 " top side. However , we are trying to devise a quick and easy for scaling and dispensing the very oily dought into the bun pans . I am hoping someone has an easier beside manually droping 4oz of dough into thousands of pans. 


Is there a machine that can do this ? 

I hope someone has a direction , we would greatly appreciate it . 

Thanks a million

Melissa Pascal 

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