<p>Making sourdough is easy</p>

What Happened To My Starter?

Info: - I feed it every 8-14 hours, maybe about once or twice a day. - It is kept on a counter in 80-90F temperature (Average of...


Wholewheat sourdough

hi there I want to try the sourdough starter recipe but actually I live in nepal and can't find rye flour. Is it suitable to use...


Dough not growing

It's my first time making a sourdough bread and I started yesterday, I used 100g of starter* (feeded) 500g of all-porpose flour...

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What is a cup?

Hi, I've been browsing the website & notice a number of recipes measure flour in 'cups' which I find confusing. I have at...


Some Newbie Questions

Hey everyone. I've been creeping the forums reading all the great posts and advice and decided to sign up and ask a few questions...

saving sourdough starter

can you save rest of the sourdough that you made from your first batch.

My starter rise up and falls back within a couple of hours

Hello, I have started a whole wheat starter with 60 ml water and 50 gr whole wheat flour. I have been feeding it every 12 hours...


I'm new here, is my bread well cooked?

I'm new to baking, my inside look almost slightly grey, are my concerns valid or am I tripping? I am thinking it could be because...


Texture problems

Hey everyone! I have recently started baking sourdough bread and i am in love. It has been maybe 3 or 4 weeks now, i have baked...

Sourdough crumb is spongy

Hello, i started making sourdough bread only 2 months ago and have struggled to correct this issue. The bread comes out...

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