What size banneton should I get, a long 1kg or 800g . Is there much difference.. Has anyone bought the cheap ones from China?


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farinam 2014 July 10

Hi Bebe,

It depends on the size of loaf you want to make.  I am not sure what the difference in dimensions are but if you are making a single loaf starting with 500g of flour then a 1kg size should be fine.  If you are making smaller loaves than that then you could consider the 800g size.  So basically the size relates to the weight of dough that you end up with (give or take).  As a rule of thumb, you might say 900-1100g dough for a 1kg and 700-900g for an 800g.  If you put less in, that won't be a problem unless it is way, way too small, but you probably should try to avoid overloading them.

As for the chinese ones, no experience, I am afraid but not everything that comes out of China is shoddy and quite possibly some of the ones that you pay more for are made there anyway.

Good luck with your projects.


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