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Hi chembake and potential specimen providers. is interested in gathering samples of leaven from sourdough bakeries Australia wide. The concept is to analyse the specimens and get a cross section of the different cultures influencing sourdough in Australia.

Bakeries such as Morpeth and Milawa Factory have already analysed their own cultures through microbiological connections in family and industry.

Chembake and others, do you have any contacts who would be able to assist in an empirical study of this type? We are assuming that bakeries won't mind us looking at their cultures...not every bakery is likely to participate. But we already know of several that are keen.

The analysis would be published on the site and in a forthcoming book, will full credit to the bakeries and researchers involved. Reply publicly or by private mail if you prefer to keep your contacts private.


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Danubian 2007 June 14

G'day Graham,

I've been using the same sourdough since 1993. If you are interested you can have its microflora analysed for educational purposes.

Just send me a PM if you are interested.

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Graham 2008 April 3
Can anyone provide contact information for Australian labs that are suited to examining the microflora of individual sourdough samples?
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Graham 2008 April 3

Nice one Danubian. A very extensive list.

Bakers of Australia...just for the fun of it...get your leavens examined :)

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