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If any of you are going to be in the UK at the end of August (2010) I am organizing an informal gathering of amateur bakers.


This will be the forth gathering the first was in Wales, second in France and third in Wales. All hosted by diifernent enthusiasts on a shared expences not for profit basis.



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eyendall 2010 April 21

Great initiative and I wish i could be with you. If you had made it earlier in May I would have done my best to join you. Maybe another time, another place (in North America?).


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Fire Beard 2010 May 6

Hi Nina

This years event is in North Yorkshire, last years event and first one were held in Wales. What  have you got planed for your trip to Wales?


Hi Eric

These have been great events, part of my reason for posting on here was the hope that people in other parts of the world might be inspired to take up the idea.



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Fire Beard 2010 September 9

It was great fun, but we gave ourselves a lot of work setting it up. We cleared out the top floor of a barn which we made into a bakery and dinning area for the weekend. This wouldn't have been too bad if it wasn't for trying to build a wood fired oven in the three weeks before the event. The bakery was great but the oven took a lot longer than I had expected to build, on the Saturday I wrapped it with some temporary insulation and we cooked pizza in it that evening but unfortunately all the baking had to be done in the electric ovens indoors.
Everyone enjoyed the weekend, some folks really getting stuck into the baking others baked a bit and just enjoying spending time with other home bakers.
There is an informal blog which we used in the lead up to the event which will give you some idea of things and if you follow the link through to Flickr there are some photos.
I would like to encourage folks to take up the idea of these not for profit gatherings.



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