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  After recieving the "Tartine Bakery" book for Christmas, my levain-style skills have reached the point of consistency. I cannot emphasize enough, if you are baking at home (I made this with one of the leakiest ovens I have ever owned), using a modified cast iron cloche takes your bread from that cardboard-looking finish to this blistered and craggy crust. Look into it!


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TeckPoh 2012 March 15

Those breads look amazing! I bet there was sweet singing too. Would appreciate if you could show pix of your wonder cloche. :)

leamlass 2012 March 18

Boy, those breads look fantastic !  Any chance that you would post the recipe, I would love the opportunity to try my hand at it.  Thanks so much.

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lluisanunez 2012 March 18

Do you slash in a circular grigne?

I've been having success with a Pyrex cloche (a big bowl inverted over the baking stone). It costs much less and I can see my bread puffing and changing color. 


Now I'm looking for a rectangular cloche for batards and baguettes 


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