Buns are fun!

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Recently, I bought some hazelnut puree at the spur of the moment although I didn’t have anything to make in mind, just because I haven’t seen it around before. Not the first time I did something like that; buy first, think later. I decided it would be interesting in bread with some chocolate element…so here’s what’s left of 14 chocolate chip hazelnut buns. 125g of puree in 400g flour (150g strong wholemeal/250g plain flour) isn’t quite enough to get a good hazelnut flavour. Next time I’ll double it. Still, these were wiped out in record time.

With the chocolate chip buns gone, more bread was in order. I think it’s something to do with its shape that makes it so ‘easy’ to eat buns. The chocolate chip ones weighed 80g each. I reduced these raisin cinnamon buns to 60g each, making 18 buns. They were made from rye/wholemeal/strong white flours which resulted in an even more flavourful bread. Yum! Buns are fun!

(orignally posted circa 2006)


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