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Photo: Spiced Orange & Sultana Sourdough

We're very pleased to announce the latest update to Sourdough Companion, the new recipes section :D Instead of storing recipes in the forum, the recipes section is designed with bread recipes in mind and will hopefully make it easier to manage your recipes and find new ones.

A few of the features:

  • Automatic calculation of bakers percentages(!) for your ingredients
  • Submit recipes into general categories such as 'Sourdough' or 'Cakes' or find recipes that are a particular style of bread. For example: 'Baguette' or 'Ciabatta'.
  • Easily upload photos



Other sitewide features

  • There is now the ability to upload photos directly inside forum posts and blog entries (without copying and pasting an image). Though it's not turned on for blog or forum comments.
  • A new clean and simple look designed to make it easier to use this website

Please let me know what you think about anything above, or if you have any ideas, just comment.

Hope you're as excited as I am about the recipes!



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Mr_Punchy 2009 October 15

Hey Maedi, i may be a dud, but how do I use the "automatic bakers percentages" on the recipe forum?  I've put up a recipe, but there was no chart for the recipe that came up.  

I'm sure you'll point it out and I'll go "oh, yeah, there it is" but i cannot find it at the moment.  thanks.


Mr P. 

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