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Nothing particularly adventurous, but I decided to revisit The Earl Grey Tea and Apricot Fruit Loaf.  Just a hankering for a change from the rather nice crumpets that have been going down a treat with Vegemite, honey, jam etc - not necessarily all at the one time though Vegemite and marmalade are a good match.

I followed the recipe ingredients exact - except I forgot the cinnamon until it was way too late to think about trying to incorporate it.  As the nights have been reasonably cool, I popped the shaped loaf and its basket into my trusty giant zip-lock bag and left it on the bench overnight.  By morning, it was obvious that the beasties had been very hard at work indeed and it was into the oven for baking.

A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words so I won't bore you with too many more other than to say that, even without the cinnamon, it is absolutely delicious either as a 'cake' with tea or toasted for breakfast.



panfresca 2011 September 10

I agree completely - this is a great recipe, and my wife pesters me for it frequently.

Last time I made it, with some trepidation I thought I'd try a way of avoiding the raisins etc popping up all over the external surface and getting blackened (which I take to be a result of their high sugar content) - I kept some of the dough separate from the mix containing the fruit, and at the last minute, rolled it out and wrapped it around the shaped loaf. It was only about 2 or 3mm thick. I then slashed the loaf, and the only place the fruit appeared externally was in the slashes.

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