Lead Dog's Old Country Bread Changeup


 Lead Dog has a GREAT basic bread recipe posted, Old Country Bread, that is all simplicity and flavor.  It's a great loaf for every day and I make it often.  This week, I decided to change it up just a tad.  Take the recipe and method as it stands but use all white flour (I used unbleached store-brand all-purpose), add 25 g more and add 50 g of whatever honey you have around (again a respectably amber store brand for me).  "Overnighting" the proof after a single fold, then letting it come around to room temp for a few hours before shaping made for a beautifully chewy crust.  I've also become quite the devotee of using a food scale.  Avon, of all companies, recently offered a cheapie $20 model that does just fine for a home baker and has decent features.  My favorite is the easy to clean glass top.  

I like to bake big loaves in a circa-1935 chicken roaster as the heat trap between the body and outer part of the pan (imagine an oval dome that was then pressed in to create a well) makes for beautiful baking.  This adaptation came out so beautifully I just had to share it!


whitecrow 2012 April 11

Can someone point me to the recipe?  I tried to find it by looking through Lead Dog's posts but there's quite a few ;-))


many thanks

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Maedi 2012 April 12

Keep that prolific streak rolling, search to the rescue!

@CayoKath, looks like your image didn't upload properly. Just click edit and try uploading again or send the photo to me in an email.

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