Introducing myself


 Hi, just introducing myself.  I've been lurking around here for a while and just thought I'd join in the fun.  I look forward to opening up some discussion.


Here is a photo of tonight's baking.  It's a Light Rye.





andrewd 2011 March 23

Andrew, you certainly pump out the loaves!


What sort of oven do you have that you can produce all that in one night?




HVHB 2011 March 23

 I just have a large domestic oven, slightly bigger insider than the regular home oven.  It's an old electric St George, that seems to get nice and hot for good oven spring, especially with a couple of cast iron barbecue plates instead of shelves.


I do a batch of 16 (2 oven loads) twice a week for friends and work colleagues.  I'm hoping to build a baking oven soon...

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