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I live in N. California and have been baking sourdough for nearly a year and a half from my starter fed with KA AP flour. After much trial & error I now can make bread that get good reviews from friends & family. I'm starting to look into the idea of building a small brick oven in my back yard. I've never had wood fired bread before so I will have to make a trip to a good bakery (most likely in the San Francisco area) to try some.

Pictured are some of my recent attempts.


theGove 2012 June 6

 If you are planning to build a wood-fired oven, you really should join the Yahoo group at groups dot yahoo dot com/group/brick-oven.  It's been running for years and has a log of all the questions and answers.  Also I recommend two books.  One is by kiko denzer called "Build you own earth oven" if you really are looking to do a small, inexpensive oven, this is your best bet.  Kiko is an active participant at the yahoo WFO group.  If you get interested in building a larger oven, the books I recomment is "the Bread Builders" by alan scott and daniel wing.  Alan was a master oven builder but died around 2005. The book is a good starting point.  I've build a couple of ovens using the books and the yahoo group as references.  Having your own WFO is fantastic.



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shasta 2012 June 27

Thanks for the info. I'll look into the Yahoo group. I'm in the middle of "The Bread Builders" righ now and will look into the other book as well. I really think I would enjoy the project and of course the food I could make in it. I built a southern style bbq smoker a few years back and really enjoy that as well but it is made of metal, something I had some experience with. Take a look. I've even baked bread in it.



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