Cornish Calzone

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What do you do when you are torn between the desire for a cornish pastie and an italian calzone.....

Obviously, you invent the cornish calzone.

And here is the result - ready for the oven, nicely baked and ready to eat.

OK, so the browning wasn't particularly even but the taste was delicious.

So there.



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farinam 2012 March 23

Hi Aggie3,

Just standard recipe - starter, flour, water and salt.

For various reason it stayed in the fridge for a day and a half - maybe that explains the speckled appearance.

Or maybe it was some effect of the filling.

Ate well though.


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farinam 2012 March 29

Hi Dawn,

I just divided the batch of dough into 100g pieces, shaped them into rounds and then rolled out to a couple or three mm thick (maybe 150mm dia).

A couple of tablespoons of filling (mostly left-overs) to one side of centre, fold the free end over to leave a margin and fold that back to make the seal. Pretty much the same as if you used pastry.

Brush with milk/egg wash, prick and bake 20minutes.



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farinam 2012 March 30


I am not entirely sure where your taste buds reside but politeness prevents me from making a suggestion. I'm sure that no self-respecting Cornishman would consider that combination proper fare to take to the tin mines. But then again - it might just work.


I suspect that spam is probably not gluten free but the lamb that I used most certainly was though the filling was thickened with wheat flour. Certainly easy to make the filling gluten free, just thicken the filling with an appropriate substitute for wheat flour. As for the casing, any one of your gluten-free doughs would serve.

Look forward to reports on both of your efforts.


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