Christmas bread

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It time to get ready to make all those special breads that come about for the Christmas holidays.  Last year when I made Panettone the homemade mold failed on me and I was disappointed.  This year I bought a silicone Panettone mold to bake the bread in.  Here is a picture (main photo) of the first Panettone made from that mold.

The mold didn't fail this time but I think the bread might have been a little bit under proofed.  The top looks like it wanted to separate from the rest of the bread.  I like putting the ribbon around the loaf because it gives it a nice festive touch.  I also updated my Panettone recipe since I left out putting the flour into the bread the first time I wrote it up.  The Panettone is going to work with me to see what the beta testers think of it.

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