100 % sourdough

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Adam T
As you know, I have been using poolish in my sourdoughs. It has been done longer than I have worked there. Just something I was told to do by the other mixers at the time, and it's been common practice ever since.

Starting 2 nights ago, I had my mixer make some extra sourdough without the addition of poolish. We retarded it in the fridge overnight, and when it came time to mix the sourdoughs last night, we added it in place of the poolish.
Now tonight, the doughs are proofing, and being baked off. I must say they are looking amazing.
Unfortunately I do not have a camera handy, but maybe I will take one home, and take a pic.

As long as I can enforce this practice on a daily basis (I am not here 7 days a week, so it will be difficult) I cannot see there being any problems.

So I am happy to say we now make 100% sourdough

Oh yea, I am making a sourdough multigrain as well. It will be baked tomorrow night.




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Adam T 2008 March 10
I forgot to take one home. I will take my camera to work with me tonight and take a pic of the next batch.

I made a batch of pannatones that turned out stunted. The recipe called for instant yeast, and I use fresh. So I did not use enough. They still taste good though!
Next I will use Jeremy's recipe whenever I get around to it again.

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TeckPoh 2008 March 10
I take it you've seen our Panettone thread? Because of all that sugar, panettones do need all that yeast to rise. And, since I hate the smell of excessive yeast, I prefer making the fully sourdough one and also reduce the sugar by at least 20%. You'll need a really active starter...which I think is no problem for you since in your bakery, you bake with it and feed it regularly. Mmm....love pannetones. Do you hang it upside down to cool? Tricky, tricky.....
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JohnD 2008 March 11
Well done Adam...nothing like the real thing! wonder what the reaction of your customers will be? any comments from them?
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Adam T 2008 March 11
nothing yet. It also has not been formally announced of the change.

I also experimented with some natural levaning today. We took a couple of our sourdoughs from last night, and let them proof in the bakery all day until we came back in tonight (they were covered in a rack). The olive and rosemary sourdough split in half. The others are over proofed, and feel like they have a shell on them.

I also made a sourdough multigrain which was left out in round boules. They may not fare so well either. We'll see when the ovens get up to temp.


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